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BlindSpot: 2×01 ‘In Night So Ransomed Rogue’ Captures Added

158 high quality screen captures of Luke from Wednesday’s episode of Blindspot have been added into the gallery.

Blindspot: First look at Luke Mitchell’s ‘unpredictable’ character

Luke Mitchell will make his Blindspot debut in the second season premiere — and EW has an exclusive first look. The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. alum will play Roman, a member of the shadowy organization that sent Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander) to the FBI. Roman is also a familiar face from Jane’s past — a flashback to her childhood in season 1 featured a boy with a scar on his face.


“He’s very, very, very protective of Jane, extremely protective of Jane,” Alexander tells EW. “He’s unpredictable, which is a really great character to play. [Luke] is fantastic, he’s just absolutely fantastic. He’s a cool, great guy, great actor, just nails that character. He’s such a great addition to the cast.”


Blindspot: Season 2 Promotional Photo

Blindspot: Season 2 Promotional Photo

After the big news that Luke will be a series regular in the upcoming season of NBC’s Blindspot, I’ve added a promotional shot of Luke as Roman into the gallery. I’m really digging the beard and gnarly face scar, what about you?

Blindspot: Comic-Con 2016 Highlight Reel & Season 2 First Look

Blindspot adds Luke Mitchell, Michelle Hurd in season 2

Luke Mitchell and Michelle Hurd have joined the cast of Blindspot as new series regulars in season 2, EW has learned.

Hurd, an original Law & Order: SVU cast member whose recent credits include Daredevil and Hawaii Five-0, will play another member of the shadowy organization that sent Jane to the FBI.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Mitchell, whose character was recently killed off the ABC super series, will play Roman, also a member of the organization. Roman’s name was mentioned in the finale as a contact Jane was supposed to connect with, and he’s been teased on the show before — he appeared in Jane’s flashback to her childhood, in which we saw a boy with a scar on his face.


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