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TV Equals chats with Luke & Henry Simmons at Comic Con

Indie Film World talks to Luke at the Austin Film Festival premiere for ‘7 Minutes’

Girlfriend Magazine: Luke Answers Readers Questions

Girlfriend Magazine caught up with Tomorrow People star Luke Mitchell while he was in Sydney recently, and he answered some of YOUR questions about life in the US, his time on Home & Away and more! From Summer Bay to the USA, Aussie Luke has come a long way…

Kirsty Harrison: If you could choose any place in the world to act in where would it be and why?
Good one! So many places! I think New Zealand, it’s on the top of my list of places to visit – I still haven’t been. I know, I’m ashamed…

Zahra Sadiq: What do you miss most about Australia?
Family, beaches and the lifestyle. I spent most of my time in Vancouver, so it’s just too cold to go to the beach – it’s where we did the filming for The Tomorrow People. In LA you can go to Santa Monica but it’s just not the same. If I did go to the beach, I would go to Malibu. It sounds nice, and it is, but Sydney beaches kick ass.

Waltina Brown: Which character that you’ve played is most like you?
Probably Romeo from Home & Away, because I played the character for so long. You almost become the character by the end of your time on there. I was on the show for three and a half years and I injected a lot of me into that character.

Ava Rodrigues: Did you ever struggle putting on an American accent for The Tomorrow People?
I don’t know about struggle, but it’s certainly something I have to focus on and work on. It’s like working out, a muscular thing. Australian accents are a little easier but American accents are more strong and pronounced, it’s something I continue to work on. Continue reading

OK! Magazine Australia: Luke chats about The Tomorrow People, being in Los Angeles & More!

How are you finding being back home this time?
It’s great, it’s always good being home. I think the beauty of spending so much time overseas is you realise how good we have it back home. I had very much enjoyed living and working overseas but Sydney – you can’t beat it. This weather is just magnificent.

How often do you get back?
Not as often as we’d like but it’s still early days in terms of working in the American industry. It’s just about working hard so down the track we can come back and be based here. I’m having a lot of fun over there and Tomorrow People is one of the best experiences in my life. The Pilot was shot in NY and the rest of the series was shot in Vancouver.

How long were you in Vancouver for?
We started mid-July last year and wrapped 2 weeks ago, so it was about 9 months’ worth.

Have you set up home there?
Yeah we had to set up home there but also have a base in LA, so did a bit of toing and froing. It’s nice that both cities are in the same time zone, and it’s only 2 ½ hours on the plane so it’s not too bad.

Have you been told anything about season two yet?
Not yet, we find out very soon. I think probably in the next week or so.

Do you have your fingers crossed?
Yeah, absolutely. It’s a really fun show, a really fun thing to work on. All the guys that I worked with we’re all good friends now so it’s a fantastic experience and would be amazing if we could go again.

Would you say that you’re settled in LA yet, do you have your own apartment and done the whole housewarming party?
Look I haven’t spent heaps of time in LA, but I’ve probably spent enough time there to feel settled and feel like it’s a second home – or third home. Vancouver certainly felt like a home to me, it’s a very nice city and very easy to live in as long as you get used to the weather. It’s definitely cold and rainy. A lot of stuff happens in Vancouver, a lot of TV shows. Continue reading

Young Adult Magazine Interviews The Tomorrow People’s Luke Mitchell

Luke Mitchell’s rise to fame on the American network show The Tomorrow People has been so quick that he’s having trouble adjusting to it himself. We’re posting this interview on his birthday, although he says he was in Ireland for his birthday last year, he admits that he doesn’t really make too many plans for this birthday usually … not like the typical stars we know who have a whole week of festivities. We asked him if he got his wish from last year and he admitted that ‘I don’t even know what I wished for’ although ‘it probably would have been something along the lines of what I’ve been living’. We’d say that’s pretty accurate, given that Luke’s only been in LA a little over a year and he’s already landed a lead role in one of the most appreciated shows on TV.

As a teenager, Luke was a keen tennis player but didn’t see himself cutting it as a professional and, as he said ‘I didn’t have anything else in my life’ … it says something about Luke’s bold personality that he thought acting would be a nice stable back up. It turns out that prior to being cast as John in Tomorrow People, this was the one audition that he actually thought he’d bombed. He was amazed that he even got a call back – ‘I just burst out laughing because it was my worst audition. I had to pull the script out of the bin because I had chucked it in there out of disgust.‘ Well, we’re very happy that he pulled the script out of the bin or else we wouldn’t have much to write about today.

We invited Luke to dish a little dirt on his costars, but he opted to keep it classy. He did reveal that Aaron Yoo (who plays Russell) is somebody that he jives particularly well with on set. ‘He’s always up for a laugh and telling a joke or making fun of my accent or whatever’ (Luke is Australian). He says that the physical aspects of the show have been particularly challenging, as the Tomorrow People are constantly having to fight with Ultra agents and ‘they’ve (the producers) already filmed the choreography with your stunt doubles. You watch the video and you just think how am I going to do this?’ although again, we’d imagine his tennis playing past has afforded him a certain lightness on his feet. Continue reading

Entertainment Weekly: Luke Mitchell teases the ‘lighting of the fuse for the end of the season’, & a love hexagon?

Last week, The Tomorrow People‘s Stephen Jameson discovered the thing he’d suspected all along, that his father wasn’t cremated after all. But whether that means Roger can come back, and where The Founder fits into all of this is yet to be seen. So with the war between Jedekiah and The Founder coming to a head, what’s going to happen to our favorite telepaths?

We caught up with John himself, Luke Mitchell, to talk about his character’s big dilemma, what the heck The Machine is, and when we’ll be getting another jaunt.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: In the promo, we see where John is asked and/or told to kill The Founder, so clearly he has a dilemma to face this week. Where is his head at going into this episode?
Going into this episode, he’s been taking a bit of a backseat. He’s not the leader anymore, and he’s just trying to make everything as easy for Cara as possible in that leadership position. Things are obviously still really tense, but this episode is kind of the lighting of the fuse for the end of the season really. Once we get into this episode, there’s no turning back. There’s very, very few detours from the main storyline, which I think most people will be excited about. Obviously we’ve seen now that Stephen’s found his father, but there’s going to be talk of trying to bring him back and that whole storyline, but also in 17, Jedekiah comes into play and tries to get in Stephen’s ear, and then Stephen tries to get in John’s ear, and John doesn’t want to [hear] it because there’s zero trust between John and Jedekiah. But because of the way things are ramping up, Jedekiah’s basically saying John’s been designed for a purpose, there’s a reason why he was designed to be able to kill and that time to fill that destiny is fast approaching, so John’s got a huge decision to face, whether he’s going to do it or not, which seems like a straightforward answer, on the one end yes, but when you’re talking about one of the most powerful Tomorrow People ever, it’s never going to be a simple equation of just killing them. I was so excited when I got the script. We reintroduce The Founder’s daughter back into the storyline, Cassandra, so yeah, it’s a really cool episode that by the end of the episode, the audience isn’t going to know who to trust. There’s going to be a division in terms of who’s the real bad guy and who’s faking it.

In terms of The Founder and Jedekiah or in terms of everyone?
Mainly in terms of The Founder and Jedekiah. This episode’s going to turn everything on its head. It just blows your head right off. It’s like, “Holy crap, okay, I’m nervous now because what I was thinking doesn’t appear to be true.” [Laughs]
You mentioned Cassandra, so where does she fit in this week? What is she up to?
The last we saw of her she’d given herself in to The Founder, her dad, so basically this week we find out that she’s in the Citadel and she’s being tortured and experimented on and really horrible stuff. And so she comes into play because we need extra information on The Founder and obviously, if she can help us, she will because her and her dad aren’t exactly close.

And this is the week that we get flashbacks with Roger, Jedekiah, and The Founder, right?
Yes. In the table read for this episode, I was just sitting back smiling because it was just a whole bunch of The Founder, Jedekiah, and Roger in flashbacks talking, and I was just like, “This is awesome,” three of the best actors on the show just getting scene after scene after scene with each other. It’s very cool. I’m very excited for people to see it.

You can read Luke’s entire interview with Entertainment Weekly Here.

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