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En Stars: Is Lincoln Out Of Control? Luke Mitchell Dives Into Background & Upcoming Episodes At WonderCon

Agents of SHIELD’s Lincoln is ready to prove he’s not Coulson’s weakest link. The Director has his misgivings when it comes to making Sparkplug a full-fledged member of the team, and, as viewers will see in the next few episodes, Coulson’s (Clark Gregg) fears are not unwarranted. Lincoln (Luke Mitchell) was the “Zen master” of Afterlife, but the Doc’s more dangerous emotions are bubbling to the surface now that he is facing the high pressures of the outside world.

“There’s a wariness that Coulson has about Lincoln being [on the team],”Gregg told En Stars at WonderCon. “This guy wants to be a SHIELD agents but [Coulson] questions his motives. How much of it is just staying close to Daisy and how safe is he having a field agent with powers with a temper like that?” Fans won’t have to wait long to find out if Coulson’s instincts are right. As “Watchdogs” and “Spacetime” unfold, Lincoln’s story will move to center stage.

We’re going to dive right into that in the next few episodes, ” Mitchell said of his character’s short fuse. “The next few episodes – I can’t remember which numbers they are – but they’re my favorite episodes by far.

Viewers will even be treated to a little more backstory as his arc plays out. We already know Lincoln has a few AA chips in his back pocket, but little is known about his past outside of his old alcohol addiction. According to Chloe Bennet (Daisy), Agents of SHIELD is ready to give viewers a little more insight into just what makes Lincoln tick. “[Lincoln] have a really great scene coming up where you kind of get to know Lincoln’s background a little bit more as to why he is the way he is,” Bennet told EnStars on Saturday. “I think fans are really going to like that.”


YahooTV: Superfan Live Aftershow for Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Self: How Actor Luke Mitchell Looks So Buff On Screen

Self: How Actor Luke Mitchell Looks So Buff On Screen

Luke Mitchell, 30, plays a superhuman who can control electricity on ABC’s hit action series, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “I grew up watching Batman and superhero movies,” he says. “So to play one of those characters now is ridiculous!” Mitchell has sporty powers of his own: He grew up surfing, and before his acting career took off he trained to be a professional tennis player. Now, as an L.A. transplant, the star and his wife (actress Rebecca Breeds) have discovered some of the city’s best places for staying fit and eating well.

Instant Energy “I have a coffee from Coffee+Food on Melrose before I go to the gym. A shot of espresso is like a shot of adrenaline for me—it also helps me focus during a long day of shooting.”

Gym Partners “Rebecca and I go to LA Fitness together. I’ve done my fair share of running from tennis, so I lift weights and do the stationary bike. Staying healthy has become part of my career path.”

Date Night “The more nature, the better: Our first dates involved climbing trees! We love sunset horseback rides in Topanga State Park. We found a nearby restaurant, The Inn of the Seventh Ray. Its courtyard is filled with lights—magical.”

Brunch Picks “Blu Jam and Lulu’s Cafe are our go-tos. I’ll get sourdough toast with avocado and poached eggs. Rebecca is taking a health-coaching course, so we make an effort to eat natural, unprocessed foods.”

Good Sports “I still play tennis. My brother is a professional tennis player, and he gives me extra rackets people send him. But in 2013 I had to learn football for a role, and now I love playing touch football on the beach in Santa Monica.”


Collider: Luke on ‘7 Minutes’, Playing an Inhuman on ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’, and More

From writer/director Jay Martin, the crime thriller 7 Minutes tells the story of three desperate young men (played by Jason Ritter, Luke Mitchell and Zane Holtz) who are forced to commit a robbery after becoming indebted to a psychopathic drug lord. What begins as a simple plan quickly escalates, as true motives are revealed and unexpected twists raise the stakes. During this exclusive phone interview with Collider, Aussie actor Luke Mitchell talked about why he was interested in being a part of 7 Minutes, the non-linear storytelling, playing a good guy that makes bad choices, and how crazy it was to shoot the heist sequence. He also talked about how nerve-wracking it was to join the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. family, becoming a regular in Season 3, his character’s Inhuman journey, and his desire to keep working in film and TV.

Collider: How did you come to this? Did you go through an audition process, or was it more about meeting and talking to the director?
A little bit of both. I got sent the script, and I read it and loved it. Then, they set up a meeting with the director, and Jay [Martin] and I got along really well. He seemed to like me, and he asked me if I’d be interested in auditioning. I said, “Hell, yeah!” So then, I went in and auditioned for him and the producers, and I guess they liked what I did. The next thing I knew, I was off to Everett, Washington. I’d never been to that part of the country before, so it was all very new and exciting. Jason Ritter was my brother, Zane Holtz was my best friend, and Kris Kristofferson was in it. It was crazy and cool, at the same time. It was a really cool, unique experience and I loved every second of it. We all stayed in this little hotel in this medium-sized town and, aside from living in a hotel, we lived the life that these characters we were playing because we didn’t really escape outside of the town for the whole month. We were visiting the local bars, and having beers and bonding. Jason and I had never met before. I met briefly with Zane and Leven [Rambin] before we went to Everett, just to have an initial chat and to talk about the project. But once Jason, Zane and I got together, we all got along really well, really quickly, and I think that really helped with the film. We’re three very different guys, but the connection or the bond that we created comes across. The dynamic between the three of us actually worked really well.

Do you like the opportunity to meet and chat with your director before you start shooting, to make sure that you’re on the same page?
Oh, completely. That’s the first experience I’ve had with that. Even just being on set, whether it’s film or TV, I try to communicate as much as I can with the director and the writer. On this, they were the same person. As an actor, you can get very internal or self-indulgent, and so focused on yourself, but you’re a cog in the machine that the writer and director is creating, so you’ve gotta check in and make sure what you’re doing is on the same page as what they’re trying to achieve. I try to keep that communication as open and flowing as possible. It was really cool to meet with Jay beforehand.

What was it that stood out about this story and character that ultimately made you want to sign on?
Initially, it was the style. I loved the non-linear storytelling. But at the core of it, I like the fact that Sam, my character, is essentially a good guy who does a bad thing, or a couple of bad things. I like to see what happens to people when they’re thrown into really crappy situations. I think it’s really interesting to watch what decisions they make, how they deal with the feelings they have, and all of that stuff. Sam is between a rock and a hard place, and then it’s complicated even further. To try to bring that to life was really challenging, but really fascinating, at the same time. Continue reading

TV Overmind: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’s Luke Mitchell & Henry Simmons Preview Season 3

Yahoo TV: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Cast chat about Season 3

The cast of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. — including Clark Gregg, Chloe Bennet, Nick Blood, Adrianne Palicki, Henry Simmons, and Luke Mitchell — came by the Yahoo TV studio at San Diego Comic-Con, and when they weren’t joking around the gang managed to offer a few teases about Season 3.

First things first: It’s no longer Skye, it’s Daisy Johnson (Miss Jackson if you’re nasty). Bennett says it’s a “new chapter” for her character, so please update your ship names appropriately (Dayward? Linksy?). It’s also a new chapter for the Director’s hand — or, more accurately, his now-handless arm. Gregg wasn’t spilling the beans on what’s replacing the lost appendage, but he did mention G.I. Joe, so our money’s on Phil Coulson with Kung-Fu Grip.

And perhaps because the cast was clearly getting a little loopy after a long day at SDCC, the conversation also included speculation that Agent Simmons will spend next season at Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s house. Spoiler or daydream fantasy? (Don’t answer that.)


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