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Down and Nerdy Podcast Episode 162 with Luke

The season finale of NBC’s Blindspot is May 17th, and this week Luke Mitchell is BACK as he joins the guys to talk about it, his character Roman, and more!

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Young Adult Magazine Interviews The Tomorrow People’s Luke Mitchell

Luke Mitchell’s rise to fame on the American network show The Tomorrow People has been so quick that he’s having trouble adjusting to it himself. We’re posting this interview on his birthday, although he says he was in Ireland for his birthday last year, he admits that he doesn’t really make too many plans for this birthday usually … not like the typical stars we know who have a whole week of festivities. We asked him if he got his wish from last year and he admitted that ‘I don’t even know what I wished for’ although ‘it probably would have been something along the lines of what I’ve been living’. We’d say that’s pretty accurate, given that Luke’s only been in LA a little over a year and he’s already landed a lead role in one of the most appreciated shows on TV.

As a teenager, Luke was a keen tennis player but didn’t see himself cutting it as a professional and, as he said ‘I didn’t have anything else in my life’ … it says something about Luke’s bold personality that he thought acting would be a nice stable back up. It turns out that prior to being cast as John in Tomorrow People, this was the one audition that he actually thought he’d bombed. He was amazed that he even got a call back – ‘I just burst out laughing because it was my worst audition. I had to pull the script out of the bin because I had chucked it in there out of disgust.‘ Well, we’re very happy that he pulled the script out of the bin or else we wouldn’t have much to write about today.

We invited Luke to dish a little dirt on his costars, but he opted to keep it classy. He did reveal that Aaron Yoo (who plays Russell) is somebody that he jives particularly well with on set. ‘He’s always up for a laugh and telling a joke or making fun of my accent or whatever’ (Luke is Australian). He says that the physical aspects of the show have been particularly challenging, as the Tomorrow People are constantly having to fight with Ultra agents and ‘they’ve (the producers) already filmed the choreography with your stunt doubles. You watch the video and you just think how am I going to do this?’ although again, we’d imagine his tennis playing past has afforded him a certain lightness on his feet. Continue reading